How To Join

All members are asked to fill in a simple joining form, either online or at our office. To ensure that we are able to offer a safe and reliable service we meet personally with all prospective members at our office and we ask for 2 references from somebody who knows you.
Volunteers working with children or vulnerable adults may also be asked for a DBS check.

We are committed to respecting your privacy and keeping your personal information safe. Our privacy notice can be viewed here.

Our members say:

"Lovely, friendly bunch of people who give a real sense of community to the area."

"Great to volunteer, meeting people, helping others and using my skills."

"I've made new friends and my confidence has improved greatly."

"Helps me to feel a real member of the local community and helps to boost my self esteem at a time when it's difficult for me to find suitable employment."

"I have really enjoyed joining in the gardening groups and meeting new people."

"It makes a big difference to my general well being, as I'm not well enough to work and it's difficult to find things to join and ways to interact with people, so I feel better in myself by volunteering."

"I think this is an amazing organisation."