Borrow It

Borrow It is a Time Bank project which has been funded by Bath & West Community Energy. It is a Library of useful Things, which can be borrowed by anyone registering with the project.

Borrow It offers people in B&NES the opportunity to borrow a range of useful items which are needed only for occasional use, such as tools, household and gardening equipment, catering utensils, camping items, children & baby equipment, etc – it could be anything from a hedge trimmer to a sewing machine, a cordless drill or a chocolate fountain!

The Borrow It project provides a way to reduce waste and clutter, make better use of resources and help people to save money.

TB Borrow It

The Borrow It ‘library’ is located at the Time Bank centre at 86, High Street, Twerton, BA2 1DE and is open on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 10am - 4pm. People wishing to borrow items need to register with the project and are asked to provide ID & proof of address. They are also asked to sign a liability waiver, to make it clear that items are borrowed at their own risk. There is no charge for borrowing items. Small donations towards our costs are welcome.

Please get in touch if you would like to register with the project and receive our e-newsletter.

Donations of items are very welcome. Alternatively please let us know if you would like to offer a ‘virtual’ contribution to the project, ie loan of an item which you will continue to own and keep at your own home.

Here is a current catalogue of items we are able to loan out, together with a wishlist.  Click to view in full screen.   If you would like to view images of the items available, click here.