Update on the St Michael’s Garden project

The raised bed garden project at St Michaels school has been running since the beginning of March on the school grounds. It began with a day of building up the raised beds with a group of volunteers from the Bath City University.

School workday 002 School workday 008 School workday 024

Since then the group has been open to the children at the school every Thursday afternoon from 2-3pm and then any other volunteers interested in helping out from 3-4pm. The project has come along really well and the children have enjoyed spending time there. Angie Vale who is leading the project updated us at Time Bank last week:

We had Sapphire, Abbie, Alex, lily, Harry, Kieran, Preston, Ki and Jordan all working together in one group. We did lots of weeding, planted a bed of sweetcorn (they were all pleased about this - another popular children`s favourite) and gathered twigs to make pea stick supports for our rapidly growing pea bed. The courgettes are coming up nicely in the greenhouse and should be ready to plant out soon. We identified a shield bug, and the children were fascinated to see how leaf-like it was. Salads are in full swing and potatoes looking very good and healthy. I am bringing on some runner and french beans at home in my greenhouse for the project

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As you can see the project is coming along really well. If you are interested in joining Angie on the garden please feel free to come along to St Michaels Junior School, Newton Road from 3-4pm on Thursday until mid July.