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We are a small, friendly organisation which offers people in Bath and surrounding areas opportunities for volunteering and involvement in their local community through an exchange of time and services. Whatever you can offer, whatever you need, everyone's time is valued equally. For each hour you spend helping someone else or volunteering on one of our projects, you receive a time credit, which can be exchanged for a service or activity you would like, or donated to someone else in need.

Our members are involved in many different ways - whether it's help with gardening, assisting at our Lunch Club or Food Co-op, attending art classes or short walks, leading a group, offering lifts, baking a cake, tending our allotment, learning guitar, cookery or sewing, helping at the office or giving computer advice, your imagination is the limit!

Volunteering with Time Bank Plus is an excellent way to develop your skills and confidence, make new friends, help you into employment or simply to become more involved in your local community. Everyone is welcome to join us, regardless of age, health or ability - we firmly believe that everyone has something to offer, please see our skills questionnaire for ideas.

Our office is open 10am - 4pm on Tuesdays & Wednesdays  at 86 High Street, Twerton, Bath, BA2 1DE.  For further information, call in to our office, ring us on 01225 442813, click on our contact page or email us at timebankplus@gmail.com.

Time Bank Plus is an independent voluntary sector charity, working in association with Time Banking UK and is supported by funding from Roper Rhodes,  Bathscape (Heritage Lottery) , Peoples' Postcode Trust and Quartet Community Foundation.

Fantastic opportunity for a proactive person with a well-rounded skillset to help run our charity, deliver a varied work programme and co-create the vision which will guide us over the next 5 years

Salary: £28,000 a year pro rata

Job type: Part time (0.5 FTE), Permanent

Closing date: 17th July '22

Interviews: Monday 25th July '22

Download the application pack here: 2022 Co-Manager recruitment

About the role

The Co-Manager role is a fantastic opportunity to help shape the future of the Time Bank in creative and innovative ways. You will join the current Manager at the helm of our small, dynamic local charity, sharing responsibility for the operational management, co-ordination and administration of the Time Bank and its associated projects.

This shared role includes co-ordination of the existing work programme, planning and development of new areas of work, recruitment and supervision of volunteers, line management of other staff members, responsibility for outreach and partnership work, servicing of the Time Bank Plus Management Committee & Trustees and ensuring the Time Bank office is staffed during opening hours. The Managers are also responsible for planning and carrying out an active programme of fundraising and for managing the organisation’s finances.

The new post-holder will take an active part in the forthcoming Strategic Review of the organisation, working in conjunction with local residents and the TB+ Management Committee.

About you

You will be one of those rare people who combine great people skills with equally excellent organisational skills. Flexibility, resilience, resourcefulness and the ability to relate to a wide range of people will be very helpful qualities.

We would love to hear from you if you:

  • Have experience of managing & delivering a community-based project
  • Understand issues around disadvantage, accessibility, equality & diversity
  • Are able to empower others and encourage participation
  • Can plan and write succinct and well-structured reports
  • Have been involved in planning & developing an initiative or service

Why you should join us:

  • Exciting opportunity to be involved in shaping the Time Bank into the future
  • Flexible shared role, enabling each person to make the most of their particular skillset
  • Wonderful, willing pool of volunteers
  • The Time Bank is well established, known and trusted within the local community
  • Excellent location with a shopfront on the High Street
  • Great local network of 3rd sector organisations

Download the application pack here: 2022 Co-Manager recruitment

Our Summer Social is coming very soon! TUESDAY 6TH JULY is the date and the time is 2.30pm at Rose Cottage, 43 High St, Twerton, just across the road from our office. There is space for 30 people outside in the garden area, and if needed. further space indoors in groups of six.

There will be live music from the Ukelele band, tasty refreshments, plenty of chance to socialise and meet other Time Bank people, optional games and poems from the Creative Writing Group. We will also be asking you for your feedback and suggestions for future activities. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

Thanks to some expert volunteer help, we now have several online groups which are all open for people to join.
Mondays 2 - 3 Internet Cafe. Help and advice with internet issues and downloading apps
Tuesdays 2 - 3 Time Bank 'virtual cafe' for a general social and catch up. Next week we will also be running a short quiz.
Wednesdays 2 - 3 Knit & Natter group. Get out your knitting or crochet, make a cup of tea and join us for a friendly chat with expert knitting and crochet advice on hand.
Thursdays 11 - 12 Gardening & Food Growing advice & support
Thursdays 2 - 3 Creative Writing group session.
Fridays 2 - 3 Board Games
All of these sessions will be held using Zoom. Just email or message us if you'd like to be sent a link. Or let us know if you need help downloading Zoom and one of our volunteers can talk you through it.

What a difference a month makes! This time last month, we were busy organising lots of projects, groups and activities. Now they are all on hold. However, we’ve been incredibly busy in the meantime, keeping in touch with people, setting up support networks and planning lots of online groups and activities which will help to keep people connected with each other and doing or learning interesting things while we are all locked down at home.  

 0300 247 0050 please see below for Helpline details 0300 247 0050

Keeping in touch

It’s more important than ever, at this time, to stay connected and not to feel isolated and alone. We have set up lots of ways to keep in touch and support each other:

  • Regular phonecalls to keep in touch and offer support, up to date info and a listening ear – available to everyone, but especially important for those people who do not have a smartphone or access to the internet. Please email us with your phone number if you’d like a phonecall or to refer someone you know who would appreciate this.
  • A Time Bank Whatsapp group, to stay connected, share information, exchange ideas or ask for help. Here’s a link to join on your mobile phone https://chat.whatsapp.com/EvFtsCnhPrXEPF2zkwwoiW
  • Regular updates on our Facebook page and our website
  • A weekly Virtual Time Bank ‘Café’ which people can access by video link on Zoom. The next café session will be at 2pm next Tuesday 7th April. Bring your own tea and biscuits and join us online for a friendly group video chat. You will need to download Zoom on your phone, tablet or laptop (it’s free and quite easy to use). Email to let us know if you’d like an invite to join this – or if you need help with downloading or getting to grips with Zoom.
  • Regular email bulletins to keep you updated, in addition to the monthly newsletter

0300 247 0050 please see below for Helpline details 0300 247 0050

 Time Bank Allotment

During the lockdown period, people are still able to work on their allotments. The Time Bank has an allotment at Bath City Farm, which is available for one or more people to use to grow food during this period.  Please email to let us know if you are interested and we can give you more details

 Online Groups 

We are in the process of planning a number of online groups and activities:

Creative writing: This group is now pretty much ready to go. We will be trialling using an online platform which links to the Time Bank website. Let us know if you’d like to join this group.

Knit & Natter: Get out your wool and knitting needles, make a cup of tea and sit down for a friendly online knitting or crochet video chat session with a small group of other Time Bank folks. We will probably be using Zoom to  link us all up – email to let us know if you need help with setting this up.

Gardening & Food Growing: Now is the perfect time to get out in the garden or on your allotment and start growing. Rowan will be sharing her expertise to give you tips and advice on gardening and food growing via an online video linked group. We may also be able to help with delivery of free plants and soil to your home, if needed.

Board games: This is an opportunity to play online games like Scrabble or other board games with others – either 1 to 1 or in a small group. We are looking for a volunteer to help us get this up and running.

Film Club: This is an opportunity to watch films together with a small group of other people. The app also allows you to chat about them while you are watching. We are looking for a volunteer to help us get this up and running. Email to let us know if you’d like to join, or if you can help with setting this up.

If you have an idea for an online group or activity you’d like us to set up, please let us know – we’ll do what we can to make it happen.

0300 247 0050 please see below for Helpline details 0300 247 0050

Techie volunteers needed

Please let us know if you can help talk people through issues with using or downloading apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, etc or help with other problems using mobile phones or laptops.

Volunteering in your local neighbourhood

Over 2000 people in B&NES have signed up to help others in their neighbourhood, who are in need during this period, with things like food shopping and urgent supplies or keeping in touch with a friendly phonecall.

If you would like to volunteer to help others at this time, please sign up via this link from 3SG:


Helpline 0300 247 0050

Finally, but most importantly, community organisations, volunteers and others, co-ordinated by 3SG, have been working night and day to put in place a Helpline available to everyone in Bath & NE Somerset, putting people in touch with information, support and services available during the Coronavirus Outbreak. The helpline, which is supported by B&NES & Virgin Care, connects people to:

  • Volunteer support such as collecting shopping and prescriptions for vulnerable people and offering regular supportive phone chats
  • Money and benefits advice services and housing issues
  • Up to date info on food delivery services throughout B&NES
  • Food Banks and food & meal deliveries to elderly and vulnerable people
  • Services for the most vulnerable, carers and families

0300 247 0050

The helpline is open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm.

Please note: for medical advice you need to ring 111.

Information & Resources

One of our volunteers has compiled a comprehensive sheet of resources which may be helpful during the period of lockdown; here’s a link:



Due to coronavirus and the current lockdown, all our normal projects and groups are currently suspended. However we are in the process of setting up new online groups and would love to hear your suggestions or ideas for groups you'd like us to develop. Current possibilities are: creative writing; gardening & food growing advice & support; knit & natter; films; scrabble and board games...

We are offering to keep in touch with people and offer friendly support with regular phonecalls. Please let us know if this would be helpful for you. We also have a Whatasapp group for mutual support and info sharing - email us with your mobile number if you'd like to join.

Southside Food Co-op is not currently running, although we are still exploring possibilities. Please go to the Food Co-op page for details of other Food Delivery services in Bath.

We will be doing regular newsletters to keep people up to date with current info and services during this difficult time. Please email us at timebankplus@googlemail.com to be added to the newsletter list - or go to our News page.

Coronavirus update from Time Bank Plus 

 Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we have made the decision to suspend most of our normal groups and activities.

This is a very difficult time for all of us and we are having to adapt day by day to the changing situation. There are many isolated and vulnerable people in our communities who will be struggling to cope, but there has also been a fantastic volunteer response from individuals and groups in Bath offering to help with tasks like shopping, dog walking or simply a reassuring phone call.

We would like to hear from you if you or someone you know is in need of help or if you can offer help at this time. We may be able to organise some of this through the Time Bank, but there are also other volunteer networks we can engage with which are co-ordinating volunteering in every neighbourhood of B&NES. Please fill in the short questionnaire below if you need help or are able to offer assistance.

At present, we are continuing with 2 projects (see below). However this may change at any time, depending on Government advice. We are also looking at setting up some new online groups, which may be a great way to connect with others during this difficult period.

Southside Food Co-op

The Food Co-op offers boxes of fresh seasonal produce, grown locally by a traditional market gardener, with virtually no sprays or artificial fertilisers, at excellent value. Boxes are priced from £4.50 (small) to £7(large). These prices include a £1 home delivery charge (to South & West Bath only), as collection from our office will no longer be an option.

The Food Co-op has been running on a fortnightly basis but in the current period, we are considering the possibility of running it on a weekly basis and of changing the Co-op day from a Wednesday to a Tuesday. These changes are still under review.  Please let us know if you would like to make an order.

Meals Delivery to elderly & vulnerable people

Sadly, we are no longer able to run the Lunch Club in the current period. However we are currently offering home delivery of a freshly cooked hot meal priced at £5 to members of the Lunch Club on Wednesdays. We have the capacity to offer this to a small number of additional people who are elderly & vulnerable and who live in the Twerton area. Please let us know if you know someone who would like to receive this.


Creative Writing

We have been discussing the possibility of setting up an online creative writing group. We have some experienced members who are willing to help lead the group and hope to be setting this up very soon. Please let us know if you’d like further info about this.

Online Scrabble & other games

We’d like to set up an online games group – please get in touch if you’re interested or can help us set this up.

Online Films

This is another possible group activity, where people watch a film at the same time and can chat about it – let us know if you’re interested.

Other Online Groups

We are sure there is the potential for many other online activities whilst we are all spending time at home, for example perhaps we could set up a Language Learning Circle. Please get in touch with your suggestions – we’d love to hear from you.

WhatsApp groups

We will set up a main Time Bank WhatsApp group for people to share their thoughts and ideas and generally connect with others. Please could you let us know if you’d like to join this and include your mobile phone number.

We may also set up some smaller groups. As ever, anyone interested in volunteering to help with these will be very welcome.

IT assistance

We’d love to hear from volunteers who are willing to help and advise people who are unfamiliar with setting up and using online groups and platforms.


 Help needed (please highlight those which you would like)

Daily or weekly phone call

Help getting shopping

Dog walking

Advice & support with IT / online forums


Help offered (please highlight those which you can offer)

Daily or weekly phone call

Help getting shopping

Dog walking

Advice & support with IT / online forums

Help with Food Co-op

Delivery of meals or vegetables by car

Help cooking & preparing meals


Are you happy for us to pass on your details to the Bath Corvid-19 Volunteer Support Network co-ordinated by 3SG?                  YES / NO

Would you like to join the TB+ WhatsApp group?                  YES / NO




Phone No:



We're renewing our mailing list.  We'd love to stay in touch, but new regulations mean we need your permission before we can contact you.  Please take a moment to complete our Contact Consent form, and let us know if you would like to receive our monthly newsletter, updates about our other projects, such as Borrow It, or info about other groups and activities that may interest you.  Thank you.

Since it first opened its doors last Spring, Borrow It has now made over one hundred loans to almost fifty individuals. From carpet cleaners to hedge trimmers, sleeping bags to ice-cream makers, Borrow It has lent numerous items to local residents and community groups.

Borrow It: A Library of Things is open to all residents local to Bath. It is run by Time Bank Plus and funded by a grant from Bath & West Community Energy. There is no charge for borrowing items, though small donations are welcome.

Viv Talbot, Manager at Time Bank Plus explains that, “In order to borrow items, people simply need to pop along to the office with some ID and register their details. They are then free to borrow anything they need for up to a week, or longer by arrangement.”

The concept & model for Borrow It came from the inspiring SHARE project, a similar initiative which is based in Frome. SHARE also kindly donated the first few items to the Borrow It collection. Since then, local people have donated over 120 items to the scheme. The project has a growing number of registered members as more people find out about it.

“We have had really positive feedback from the local community, and members really appreciate having access to items that they might only use once or twice a year. The carpet cleaners have been really popular this winter, and we are expecting to receive more requests for lawn mowers and hedge trimmers as the weather warms up”, anticipates Project Coordinator, Rowan Wynne-Jones.

Borrow It member, Richard benefitted from the scheme when his lawn mower stopped working, and he was also able to help his neighbour. “The mower has been really useful. My neighbour’s mower broke the same week, so I was able to cut their grass at the same time,” he explained.

100th Borrow It loan: Debbie borrowing gardening tools.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Borrow It, contact the Time Bank Office, on 01225 442813, by emailing: timebankplus@googlemail.com, or drop into the office at, 86 High Street, Twerton, Bath, BA2 1DE. The opening hours are: Monday, Tuesday 10am – 4pm, and Wednesday 10am-7pm.

Visit : Borrow It Catalogue to view the latest catalogue of items available to borrow, as well as the project’s ‘wish-list’ of items.